Project Catalyst: Enterprise


Ground breaking enterprise project management app

We recently came runner up in the mobile developer competition with our entry, Project Catalyst: Enterprise. This is a powerful team project management app allowing teams to organise, share and collaborate on projects and tasks no matter where they are.

Project Catalyst allows you to create a team of people all using the app. This team can be organised into groups or as individuals, and tagged in projects and tasks.

Each group will then receive any item they are tagged in, synced automatically to their device. They are also notified by push notification when ever a new task is created, or a task is edited. These powerful features help keep your team organised and in communication wherever they are.

This is your management hub. From here you can see every project that you are involved with, as well as their current states, number of people involved in it and the next task.

This lets you quickly know what needs doing by who, saving you time and keeping you organised!

Within your project, you can organise tasks by priority, date or alphabetically. You can also create subfolders within tasks to allow you to further organise projects.

There are several types of task you can create- these are specific tasks which allow you to do the action within the app. For instance, if you select a contact to phone, it stores the number in app for you or others to access.

This shows how easy it is to organise tasks into folders- using a simple drag and drop interface, meaning tasks are fast and easy to organise.

Each task has specific data associated with it- for example notes, completed state, priority, due dates and notifications amongst things. This allows you to really customise a task for what you need.

When you edit a task, it is immediately synced to the cloud, and everybody who has access to that task is notified through a push notification- keeping everybody notified.

This is the Catalyst Manager which is where you can create and edit users and groups.

When you create a new user, they simply need to download the app and login with the email you provided. Once they have done this you will be able to tag them in projects and tasks, and they will be able to create projects/tasks too.